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Author - Jesse

Hi, I'm Jessie, I've been a kitesurfer for 8 years and am very passionate about the sport. I decided to create this site to share my passion, help newbies get started and answer their questions, and share tips and tricks with fellow experienced kiteboarders.
is kitesurfing a good workout

Is Kitesurfing a Good Workout ?

Many people looking to get into kitesurfing wonder how much exercise they will get from the sport, and if kitesurfing can replace their current workout routines. Is kitesurfing a good workout? Although you can easily kitesurf without being an...

how to kitesurf in choppy water

How to Kitesurf in Choppy Water

Choppy water is one of the challenges many beginner kitesurfers have to deal with.  When you start learning to kitesurf, you often can’t choose your location and often end up learning in chop.  In general, strong winds create choppy conditions...

what does it feel like to kitesurf

What Does it Feel Like to Kitesurf ?

Exhilarating.  Heavenly.  Pure happiness.  Ecstatic.  Unparalleled.  Undescribable.  Sheer joy.  Falling in love with life.  These are terms kitesurfers use when describing how it feels for them to kitesurf.  For a newcomer considering getting...

Can I teach myself to kitesurf

Can I Teach Myself to Kitesurf ?

So you’re determined to start kitesurfing, and you’re looking for the best approach for getting started.  Most of the kitesurfers you’ve talked to have taken lessons, however, kitesurf schools can be quite pricey.  Or, you’re...

Can anyone learn to kitesurf

Can Anyone Learn to Kitesurf ?

If you’re considering starting kitesurfing – or a member of your family is, you may be wondering if it’s the right sport for you.  Watching kitesurfers in action can be intimidating! It sometimes feels like these people have...

best beginner kite surfboard