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kitesurfing vs surfing

Kitesurfing vs surfing: which is better?

If you’re looking to get into a wave riding board sport, you may have a hard time deciding whether to choose kitesurfing or regular surfing (no kite).  Having been a surfer all my life, and a kitesurfer for some years, I think this is a...

how much does it cost to kitesurf

How Much Does It Cost to Start Kitesurfing?

Besides learning curve and safety, cost is probably the number one hurdle for most people looking to start kitesurfing.  Our sport is famous for having a relatively high initial financial barrier to entry. But how much does it really cost to...

is kitesurfing a good workout

Is Kitesurfing a Good Workout ?

Many people looking to get into kitesurfing wonder how much exercise they will get from the sport, and if kitesurfing can replace their current workout routines. Is kitesurfing a good workout? Although you can easily kitesurf without being an...

how to choose a good kitesurfing school

How to Choose a Good Kitesurfing School

Once you decide to start kitesurfing, you’ll engage yourself in a long-lasting series of decisions, whether for choosing your gear, a location, your kite, and board size, whether to go out on a given day, etc.  Your first and biggest...

what does it feel like to kitesurf

What Does it Feel Like to Kitesurf ?

Exhilarating.  Heavenly.  Pure happiness.  Ecstatic.  Unparalleled.  Undescribable.  Sheer joy.  Falling in love with life.  These are terms kitesurfers use when describing how it feels for them to kitesurf.  For a newcomer considering getting...

Can anyone learn to kitesurf

Can Anyone Learn to Kitesurf ?

If you’re considering starting kitesurfing – or a member of your family is, you may be wondering if it’s the right sport for you.  Watching kitesurfers in action can be intimidating! It sometimes feels like these people have...

how long does it take to learn to kitesurf

How Long Does it Take to Learn to Kitesurf ?

So you want to become a kitesurfer.  When you ask around, just about everyone has a different estimate about how long it took them to learn to kite.  You just want to know what you’re up against, and how fast you’ll be able to enjoy the...

best beginner kite surfboard