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Author - Jesse

Hi, I'm Jessie, I've been a kitesurfer for 8 years and am very passionate about the sport. I decided to create this site to share my passion, help newbies get started and answer their questions, and share tips and tricks with fellow experienced kiteboarders.
best kite for big air

How to Choose the Best Kite for Big Air

You might say there are two types of kiteboarders: those who primarily want to fly, and those who just want to ride waves…  If you’re in the first category, perfecting the art of getting big air is likely your goal.  For a...

can you kitesurf on your own

Can You Kitesurf On Your Own ?

So, you know how to kitesurf.  You now have quite a few sessions under your belt, you know how to pick and set up a kite, and you can ride upwind reliably.  You bought your own gear, and you have some free time for kiting. Problem is, due to your...

best beginner kite surfboard