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Recommended kitesurf gear : my favorite battle tested equipment

I have spent hundreds of hours researching and testing some of the best kitesurfing gear on the market. These products are battle-tested and I can recommend them without any hesitation.

These may not all be the highest-end items out there, however.  My aim is to recommend gear that offers good quality and good value – i.e. the kind of stuff I look for myself.

If you’re just starting out and don’t own a kite yet, check out my kite recommendations.  There are dozens of brands and models out there but the ones I mention are the ones I’ve tested – most of the time I tried them because people spoke well of them.

Choosing a quality harness can make a huge difference for both your comfort and safety.  Here again, there are lots of harness models, you want to choose one that’s as comfortable as possible with exceptional back support – don’t skimp on your harness, you’re likely to wear it a lot and for a long time.

Board choice can be a pain in the neck especially when you’re just starting out. The type and size of board you want depending on your size and build and on the conditions you primarily ride in.  There are a lot of features manufacturers advertise, but many of them are just bells and whistles. When buying a twintip, I mainly look at durability and value for money.  For a surfboard, however, things get a bit more complex.

Wetsuit and safety vests are critical when kitesurfing. Your wetsuit not only protects you from the cold and wind, it will keep you warm if you find yourself drifting in the water after losing your board or kite.  An impact vest and a helmet may be essential if you do tricks, ride waves, or use a board leash.

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Recommended kitesurf harness

Recommended wetsuit

Recommended safety vest and gear

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